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Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.  The Pickleball Club at PebbleCreek promotes the sport by fostering a friendly community of players to get together for social events, competitive play, and to provide instruction and equipment


Procedure for 1st time Club Members to sign in:

Enter your email address and use pickle as your password, it is case sensitive, all lower case.


Procedure for Non Club Members who are Pebblecreek residents:


1. If this is your first time accessing this web site and you would like to be able to reserve a Pickleball court via our web based system;  send an email to pcpickleballclub@gmail.com. Include your first and last name, address, telephone number and request court reservation access. A return email will provide you with information on how to gain access.       


 2. If you arrived at this page because you selected “Club Website” at the court reservation screen, you will need to exit out as only Pickleball Club members may access this web site. You should use the web site you were directed to in step 1, above.



If you are interested in joining the PickleBall Club, please complete a waiver form.

You can get a waiver form at the EN clubhouse across from the Pro Shop in the slot for PickleBall or in the Sports Building at the south side of the Tuscany tennis courts.


Please complete the waiver, attach your check (US Banks only) for $27 ($20 dues + $7 for a nametag) payable to PCPB Club and deposit in the PickleBall Club Lock Box located in the Sports Building. After July 1st, the cost is reduced to $17.


If you have any questions, please email me at bobazo@cox.net or call me at  (623) 476-7553 .


Bob Oswald, Secretary




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